Quest Munoz






Blaze Munoz


Peter "Speed" Paulsen


Angela (Stepsister)

Other Family

Roger Tucker (Stepfather)


Amateur Magician, Quick Thinker

Quest Munoz (a.k.a. "Q") is the thirteen-year-old son of Blaze Munoz and Peter "Speed" Paulsen. He is also the stepson to Roger Tucker, and the stepbrother to Angel Tucker. He is an amateur magician and his tricks have gotten him out of many sticky situations. He wears cargo shorts or pants all the time, as he uses the pockets to hold a variety of items including decks of cards, rope, silk hankies, magic coins, his phone (which is currently an iPhone, but he used to have a BlackBerry), a flashlight, a camera, a pair of sunglasses, a baseball cap, a book (currently a paperback version of Goldfinger by Ian Fleming), tweezers, ect.

Q's biological parents are divorced. His father is the world's best lead guitarist, who earned the nickname "Speed" by how fast he can pick guitar strings. "Speed" is also the name of his father's band, which Blaze, Q's mother, used to sing for before the divorce. After the divorce, Blaze took Q to live on a sailboat moored in Sausalito, California. When Q was thirteen, his mother married Roger Tucker, and the two of them started the band "Match." Match is now on tour. Q and Angela are on the tour with their parents, and they are traveling across the country to concert destinations in a motor home.