Angela Tucker






Malak Tucker


Roger Tucker


Quest (stepbrother)

Other Family

Blaze Munoz (stepmother), Ziv (Grandfather)


Amateur Spy, Tae Kwon Do

Angela Tucker is the fifteen-year-old daughter of Roger and Malak Tucker. She is also the stepdaughter of Blaze Munoz and the stepsister of Quest Munoz. She is an amateur spy and a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, which is helpful in many sticky situations. She usually wears something along the lines of a black sweater, black jeans, and a gold necklace with an angel on it, just like her biological mother has. She aspires to be an Agent like her mother was when she grows up.

Angela lived with her father in a loft in San Francisco up to the time he married Blaze Munoz. Her biological mother, Malak Tucker, was believed to have been killed in an explosion at Independence hall. When her dad married Blaze Munoz, they formed the band "Match," which started on tour right after the wedding. Now Angela travels across the country in a motor home with her father, her stepmother, and Q on the Match tour.